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 What is the value of your family’s security and safety?
Automatic 15kW Natural Gas Powered, Air-Cooled, Stand-By Generator
Make no mistake about it. The power never goes out on a beautiful sunny day when you have nothing planned and nothing at risk. When you lose power it is usually when you least want to go outdoors.

With the Generac-Guardian emergency automatic home standby generator system, you won't have to lift a finger to get the power you need, when the utility company can't deliver. You do nothing. Wait about 30 seconds and the Guardian system will automatically begin supplying power to the vital circuits in your home.

A portable generator cannot offer the features or the ease of operation that the Guardian generator system can. A portable has to be brought out of storage and moved to where you need it. It must be refueled frequently. How much gasoline will you need for an extended outage? You'll have to run extension cords from a portable to your appliances. You can't connect a furnace or well pump to an extension cord. Plus, you will likely be doing all of this in the worst of conditions. Try to get a portable generator out in the rain, snow, sleet, strong winds and bitter cold. Does the thought of that make you cringe? Well, it should!

With a Guardian system on duty, you and your family can stay warm, safe and dry in your home instead of battling the elements. Not only won't you be lifting fingers, you won't be lifting gasoline cans, hauling extension cords or pulling any ropes either. If you're away, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your home standby generator is ready to go at all times. Night or day, home or away, nothing puts you in your comfort zone like a Generac-Guardian home standby generator system. It does it all for you, 24/7/365…automatically!

This is the answer you've been looking for and it is much more affordable than you might have imagined! Call for a free on-site quote today!

Generac-Guardian is the top-selling brand in residential backup power, providing reliable emergency stand-by electricity for homes and small businesses. These fully automatic systems are the most affordable and reliable systems available, restoring your power within 30 seconds of an outage, whether you’re home or away. Sizes range from 6000 to 45,000 watts to meet a wide variety of applications. All models operate on your existing natural gas system or liquid propane (LP) gas for a completely "self contained" back-up power system.
 2 minute Video Explaining the Value of having a Guardian Automatic Home Stand-By Generator System 
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